Nate Scholz

Nathan (Nate) Scholz is Special Agent David Marks. Former military Special Forces, he is a by-the-book professional who takes his job very seriously. Fiercely loyal to the Agency, his boss, and above all his Country, he is highly skeptical of “crazy conspiracy theories” and otherwise “out there” notions. He is very practical, cut-and-dried, no-nonsense. Very few shades of grey with this man.

Until there are.

Nathan (Nate) Andrew Scholz was born in Vancouver, Washington. He comes from a business and marketing background. He attended Washington State University,  graduated top of his class, Summa Cum Laude, and began a lucrative marketing career. 

But despite success in the marketing field,  Nate felt unfulfilled, and left the career to become an actor at the age of 24. Ever since his star has been on the rise. He has acted in over 25 short and feature length films including AlibiNightmare Nurse, and American Bred. He has played memorable characters in over 10 TV shows and pilots like NCISThe Mentalist, and 90210. Additionally, Nate has acted in over 25 commercials, 5 web series, and even dabbled in stand-up… and he is just getting started.