Cast & Creator

Meet the Cast and Creator of A.L.L.I.A.N.C.E.

Alia Raelynn

Alia Raelynn plays NSA Special Agent Nicole Moreno, a tough yet compassionate field agent and former police officer, recently recruited to the Special Projects Division of the Agency for her investigative skills, fight training and marksmanship, along with a secret history that even she is not aware of.

A talented actress known for The Maiden, Star Seed and Misogynist, Alia brings strength, stunning beauty and vulnerability to this unique and compelling character.

Nate Scholz

Nathan (Nate) Scholz is Special Agent David Marks. Former military Special Forces, he is a by-the-book professional who takes his job very seriously. Fiercely loyal to the Agency, his boss, and above all his Country, he is highly skeptical of “crazy conspiracy theories” and otherwise “out there” notions. He is very practical, cut-and-dried, no-nonsense. Very few shades of grey with this man.

Until there are.

Nathan (Nate) Andrew Scholz was born in Vancouver, Washington. He comes from a business and marketing background. He attended Washington State University,  graduated top of his class, Summa Cum Laude, and began a lucrative marketing career. 

But despite success in the marketing field,  Nate felt unfulfilled, and left the career to become an actor at the age of 24. Ever since his star has been on the rise. He has acted in over 25 short and feature length films including AlibiNightmare Nurse, and American Bred. He has played memorable characters in over 10 TV shows and pilots like NCISThe Mentalist, and 90210. Additionally, Nate has acted in over 25 commercials, 5 web series, and even dabbled in stand-up… and he is just getting started.

Sarah Carson

Sarah Carson plays Deputy Director Emily Laird, the enigmatic leader of a special division within the NSA who has a long history with the Agency and many, many secrets. Not the least of which comes back to haunt her and her team and sets into motion a chain of events that will lead to consequences unknown. Her involvement with the mysterious “Group of Twelve” will prove to be an ever-evolving enigma, as she and her team fight for the very preservation of humanity.

Sarah is an actress and producer known for Intrusion and Saboteur’s Anonymous.

Lou Richards

An enigma unto himself, Lou RichardsJared Cain is a former Agency Field Operative who went AWOL in 1997, only to return under highly mysterious and suspicious circumstances. His appearance signals the dawning of something very dire; an emerging threat that will draw our team down a dark and dangerous rabbit hole of international conspiracy, cover-up, and murder.

Lou is a veteran actor with nearly 120 credits to his name including such shows as The X-Files, Mad Men, Desperate Housewives, NCIS, and Criminal Minds. He rose to fame working on Gloria, the sitcom spinoff of All in the Family. He most recently worked with writer-director Kenneth Mader on his theatrical feature film Displacement due out later this year.

Kenneth Mader

Recently named one of the “Top 100 Indie Filmmakers in the World” in the book by Action On Film’s Del Weston, Series Creator Kenneth Mader is an award-winning Writer-Director and skilled Cinematographer-Editor, currently on the festival circuit with his debut theatrical feature film Displacement, due out in general release later this year.

His fascination with science fiction and the UFO Abduction Phenomenon since childhood led to the development of this series. And though it lives in the same genre as shows that have come before, most notably The X-Files and Fringe, he has sought to differentiate it from those series by approaching the phenomenon from a different angle: that of the abductees, and the suppression of advanced technologies.